Where Is All the Radio Talent?

In my role of playing matchmaker between radio companies and on-air presenters I get a perspective on what makes that match so elusive. For talent, the available jobs are few. The open jobs are sometimes are in undesirable markets and often overloaded with responsibility for low pay. Some have difficulty with the compromises required in the role today. For radio companies, there are fewer qualified applicants every year. With some radio corporations regularly cutting investment with regular layoffs it is no surprise that talented people are moving to other media.   A talent search is tough, but there is enormous

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Don’t Look at The Audience

Presenters can be thrown by a harsh critique about something that actually worked, or they can become overconfident even though a segment died on the air but generated text response.

Here are a few success indicators to consider watching. Some are scientific; some are like testing the wind with your finger. All will at least give you a clue about your performance.

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