Three Secrets of Being Likable

Imagine you meet a new neighbor on the day you move in. Both you and the neighbor will likely be polite, and your first conversation will be generic — what nice weather we are having, what do you do for work, and so forth. It is not until you know each other a bit that you begin getting to know some not-so-polite sides to your neighbor. That is how writers introduced you to Beth Harmon, the main character in The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. You first meet Beth as an innocent 9-year-old orphan. She is quiet, seems nice, and you

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Don’t Look at The Audience

Presenters can be thrown by a harsh critique about something that actually worked, or they can become overconfident even though a segment died on the air but generated text response.

Here are a few success indicators to consider watching. Some are scientific; some are like testing the wind with your finger. All will at least give you a clue about your performance.

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