Content is King (Kong)

The 1933 movie King Kong involves a 50-foot-tall gorilla kidnapped from a remote island and brought to New York City. Spoiler alert: King Kong’s visit to Manhattan ends badly. But the real catastrophe was behind the scenes at RKO Pictures, the studio that made the film. Broadcasters ran RKO. RCA, the parent company of NBC, bought a theatre chain for showing movies and bought studios for making movies but did not seem to care about making good movies. RCA just wanted to market a theatre sound system, and RKO was a tool for that. As the Great Depression hit, RKO

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Don’t Look at The Audience

Presenters can be thrown by a harsh critique about something that actually worked, or they can become overconfident even though a segment died on the air but generated text response.

Here are a few success indicators to consider watching. Some are scientific; some are like testing the wind with your finger. All will at least give you a clue about your performance.

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