What is your persistence IQ?

Here are two real-life stories that underscore the importance of understanding the impacts of persistence. In the first story, the manager is constantly pushing their seller to phone their network weekly in order to get more appointments on the books.  The catch is that their product serves a niche market, is quite expensive and is … Read more

Why Understanding Risk Is Critical In Sales

In every negotiation there are risks and rewards. To make sure that the potential for reward outweighs the risks involved sellers should understand both of these perspectives: the risks clients are assessing when considering purchasing from you (hint: they may have nothing to do with what you’re selling); and, the risks you need to assess … Read more

Establishing Value Crushes Having a Sales Process

To win big in broadcast sales today your team must be able to make others quickly see the value of working with and purchasing from your company. To accomplish this your team needs to also believe in the value they personally deliver and how valuable your products and services are. Having a process is great, … Read more