The future of local television involves podcasting. Some stations repurpose newscast audio into downloadable shows while stations like WTTG in Washington have dedicated studios for creating original podcast content. Experts predict that podcast advertising will surpass $1 billion in 2021. News content has always been popular with podcast listeners, and demand has surged during the … Read more

Will Your Podcast Get Your Pants Sued Off?

It is exciting to hear more local television and radio stations producing podcasts. But I often find myself waving a yellow caution flag to our podcast coaching clients about copyrighted music. Music copyright infringement is potentially a huge problem for podcasters. Many folks are surprised when I bring it up. I created a game called … Read more

Listeners Prefer Humans To Machines

Every morning in 6th grade, I listened to Monty DuPuy, Greenville’s favorite on-air personality on WFBC-FM. Monty had a jabbering myna bird named Moe, who interjected frequently. But at 10 AM, WFBC went dead. You heard mechanized time checks and canned “hosts,” saying, “Here’s Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce” exactly the same way … Read more

Five Coronavirus Strategies for Radio

Once upon a time, your radio show or podcast talked about something other than the COVID-19 pandemic. Today your listeners are more interested in that topic than in anything else. Ratings are way up for TV news and news radio. Health-related podcasts like NPR’s Coronavirus Daily and CNN’s Coronavirus Fact or Fiction are tops on … Read more

Coaching the Worst Show in the World

Imagine great news: you have just been hired as a program director or news director! Then the bad news: your job includes a show so godawful bad that you wonder how they were hired in the first place. I have been there many times as a talent coach. Let’s begin with some perspective: Every show … Read more

How to Know If You Talk Too Much

Think of your airtime on a radio show or podcast as you would dollars in your 401k; Invest more in your high return-on-investment content, and divest what does not pay you back as much. High-performing shows not only plan content, they also discuss how long they are going to take to execute each segment. There … Read more

Improving On-Camera Body Language

Today, everyone is on-camera. Competitive radio and podcast hosts now also have a video presence, executives are presenting on video chat more often and nearly everyone does social media video. Mindfully practicing good movement, gestures and expressions can add energy, emotion or meaning. The best presenters move and do stuff. But if you are not … Read more

Why We Love The Haters

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood hit theatres this month with Tom Hanks as beloved children’s TV icon Fred Rogers. (I gave the film an A+.) Did you know that Mister Rogers hated television? Mister Rogers hated that kids were being negatively influenced by violent content and commercials. He created Mister Rogers Neighborhood as a … Read more

Ten Ways to Become a Household Name

Listeners bond with their favorite radio and podcast personalities like a friend or family member. Like any relationship, a first step in their bonding is knowing your name. Name recall is especially important in Nielsen and Numeris diary markets, and when your new show enters a market already crowded with established, popular shows. Here are … Read more

Why Won’t They Hire You?

You applied, they responded and you nailed the interview. And then… nothing. Broadcast media job searching can be exasperating. Consider these tips to keep yourself in a state of zen until you land that gig. Ask every future question now. Imagine it is 30 days after the interview. You have heard nothing. What questions will … Read more