Five Ways to Avoid Over-Coaching

Coaching is not one size fits all. As a news director, program director or operations manager, consider how to give just the right amount of feedback for each performer, show and situation.

How and When to Interact During News

Audiences find newscasts more engaging when there is interaction between on-air hosts. But how much conversation is too much? What stories should hosts discuss and how do you know when to move on? On an information-oriented TV or radio show, it is important to remember that the audience is there for the news. If the … Read more

Five Tips On Syndicating Radio Shows

When a radio show comes to us for advice about syndication, we share lessons from coaching The Bert Show, Tino Cochino Radio, Two Guys Named Chris, the talent at K-Love and others. First, you should know that syndication as a cost-cutting tactic alone is not effective. Stop right now if that is your driving motivation. … Read more

Make Your Studio A Superhero Zone

Audiences see more than what is on-camera and hear more than microphones pick up. Here is one experience in local TV news that taught me about an important but invisible principle. The heritage station – we’ll call them Channel 7 — was ratings dominant with a full shelf of Emmys, but watching the newscast the … Read more

Pardon the Produced Interruption

And you know what is better than any production? You! Provide companionship while identifying the station with your familiar voice.

Create an Action-Packed Show

Imagine that you are weeding through a stack of content ideas for your newscast, podcast or radio show. Aside from newsworthiness and relevance, what content filter do you use in determining what is A, B or C material? Go with stories involving action. If someone is doing something interesting, that gets priority over content involving … Read more

Listening While On Air

The Lyft driver noticed my WKQX hat and asked if I was in broadcasting. I said I was and noted that he was listening to Bryan, Ali and Justin, a Chicago show that we coach. The driver then began talking about his own radio career. On the drive from the Loop to O’Hare airport I … Read more

It’s Your Ear More Than Your Eye

“It’s your ear more than your eye,” said CBS 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt. Broadcasters sometimes overlook the importance of audio. In television, what audiences hear is more important than what they see. Radio and podcast presenters have only sound to work with, but many leave its potential unexplored. Here are some secrets on effective … Read more

Five Secrets For Welcoming New Audience

Remember the opening crawl in Star Wars? “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Making the audience read was an effective way of bringing even non-science fiction fans up to speed on the fantastical storyline. Like a movie, your show needs explanation. In storytelling, this is called exposition. Clarity and detail are … Read more

Five Tips For Meetings With Media Talent

If you are leading meetings with on-air talent, keep in mind that you are entertaining for entertainers and communicating with expert communicators. Talk about a tough room! In many meetings with broadcasters over the years, I have learned a lot through tough trial and error. Here are some of my favorite hacks for more effective, … Read more