The Toughest, Fastest Improvement for Presenters

Recently I was coaching a group of graduate students at MIT in Boston on public speaking. We discussed body language and voice dynamics, revealing your personality and tips on holding an audience’s interest. One participant asked, “what is the fastest way to improve?” I held my iPhone up and said,” video yourself.” The room grimaced like I had suggested crawling through mud. In broadcasting, we call this air checking, and many avoid it. It is hard, like most things that are good for you. Nothing is more difficult than seeing or hearing yourself. The secret to making air checking less

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Don’t Look at The Audience

Presenters can be thrown by a harsh critique about something that actually worked, or they can become overconfident even though a segment died on the air but generated text response.

Here are a few success indicators to consider watching. Some are scientific; some are like testing the wind with your finger. All will at least give you a clue about your performance.

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